Korean Elementary English
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2018 / 07 / 14

Published between 2005 and 2013, a series of elementary school English textbooks was either produced by or in accordance with Korea's Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. The Korean title of the books as it appears on the cover is simply "Elementary School English".

Despite being published around 2010, we can't help but feel like the videos were simply repurposed from footage that was shot in the late 90s. The videos were likely overdubbed for lack of adequate audio equipment and since the intended audience was young beginners, clarity was a high priority. Some of the Korean actors appear to be dubbed using someone else's voice, possibly because they had a strong accent. It's interesting to note that in east Asian cultures, lip-syncing is often overlooked and has a low priority compared to western cultures.

The pauses between each action and delayed emotional responses make the two subjects in the video appear more like alien lizard people in human suits than children, or at the very least, murderous psychopaths attempting to blend in. Additionally, the overdub causes audiovisual dissonance. We feel confident in saying most people would feel uneasy and/or anxious if they stumbled upon two children interacting in this manner.
Kid clapping in another kids face.
Unnatural English with a classic "Not sure what this is, you try it."
A lesson on superlatives with an odd reaction.
Two children who coincidently want their occupation to be what the other's parent's occupation is.
Three strangers enter a boys room unannounced.
Here is some of the 3D content the textbooks provide.