Hank Johnson
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2019 / 05 / 15

Hank Johnson is one of the first Buddhists to be elected to the United States Congress. He is part of the United States House Committee on Armed Services. He was voted "Most Clueless" by congressional staffers.

Johnson is often politically incorrect in his speeches. Among the most egregious examples are his comparison of Jews settling in the West Bank to termites and an analogy using midgets and a giant fighting in a cage match to explain right-to-work laws.

He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1998. Hepatitis C often causes hepatic encephalopathy which can cause confusion, slurred speech, and getting lost in the middle of a thought.
US House Armed Services Committee, 2010
Hank Johnson speaking at a US House Armed Services Committee about the impact of temporarily moving a large number of troops into Guam.
United States House of Representatives, 2013
Hank Johnson discussing the issue of Helium reserves being exhausted.
United States House of Representatives, 2012
Hank Johnson making an analogy to describe the power dynamics being legislated in right-to-work laws in Michigan.
United States House of Representatives, 2012
Hank Johnson apologizing for using the word "midget" in his analogy.