Chris Cunningham
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2019 / 09 / 14

Chris Cunningham is a British artist who started his career in the 90s doing practical effects for film. In the late 90s, he made the transition to directing short films, especially music videos. Cunningham appears to value independence and self-determination in his art. He often uses low budget techniques and funds his own work.
Windowlicker, 1999
A music video for the Aphex Twin track of the same name shot in Los Angeles, California. The music video was both an homage and lampoon of 90s hip-hop tropes.
An image from the book that accompanied the release of "Rubber Johnny" which combines photos of a torso, anus, and scrotum.
Monkey Drummer, 2001
An art piece commissioned by the Anthony d'Offay Gallery in London. It features the track "Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount" by Aphex Twin.
Mental Wealth, 1999
An advertisement for Sony's Playstation game console.
Come to Daddy, 1997
A music video for the Aphex Twin track of the same name.
Rubber Johnny, 2005
Cunningham was the director and actor in this piece. The track is Aphex Twin's "afx237 v7" remixed by Cunningham himself. It took Cunningham and a few of his friends working on and off for three years to complete.