Bixa Muda
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2019 / 05 / 29

Mudinha do Juazeiro is known as "Bixa Muda". "Bicha" roughly translates to "queer" and "muda" translates to "mute". She is frequently featured on the Panico na Band segment "Silvio e as Gagas" alongside other people with disabilities like Gaga de Ilheus who has a severe stuttering disorder.

There is clearly a cultural gap between the West and Brazil. In the West, a deaf transgender person being featured in shows as a point of comedy or among a crowd that laughs at them and being called "Mute Queer" as their name would likely raise enough moral outrage to cancel any such shows if they somehow made it into production in the first place. While it is clear that many Brazilians simply like to celebrate the empowerment of unique individuals, it is also clear that many Brazilians view these people as subhuman or as props for their laughter.
TV Verde Vale, 2008?
Bixa Muda doing an interview with Marleide Duarte.
Bixa Muda, Gaga de Ilheus, and Clemilda.
Qual e o Seu Talento?, 2011
Bixa Muda singing "I Will Always Love You" and dancing to a Portuguese version of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" with a reggaeton beat on the Brazilian TV show "Qual e o Seu Talento?".