Bad Statues
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2019 / 08 / 31

Statues can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and take 3 to 9 months to complete, so a bad statue is almost always an expensive and time consuming mistake. To make matters worse, bronze statues can survive millenia.

But by far the most uncomfortable thing about a bad statue is if it is unveiled to it's subject, as is commonly the case with statues of sports icons. They must smile and shake hands while dying a little inside.
Celeron, New York, USA (2009)
Lucille Ball (2m/7ft tall)
Kolkata, India (2017)
Diego Maradona (3.5m/12ft tall) (~$125,000)
Pittsburgh, USA (2009)
Fred Rogers (3.3m/11ft tall) (~$3,000,000)
Madeira, Portugal (2017)
Cristiano Ronaldo
London, England (2011)
Michael Jackson (2.3m/7.5ft tall) (~$120,000)
Belfast, Northern Ireland (2019)
George Best (2m/7ft tall) (~$250,000)
Nashville, USA (1998)
Nathan Bedford Forrest (7.5m/25ft tall)
New York, USA (2016)
"The Sunbather" (2.5m/8ft tall) (~$500,000)
Samalout, Egypt (2015)